EMF is practicing excellent scientific and technical work, but most importantly also proves that visiting landscapes must mean a culturally fulfilling experience. In the times, when ecosystems are constantly being challenged by the consequences of human activities, preservation and restoration of nature are vital for the wellbeing of all species. EMF is aware that promoting subtle change in order to emphasise overwhelming natural forces and features left ‘as they are’ plays a very important role in establishing a bond between the user and the landscape people and environment.LILA Award 2016 Jury


EMF is an internationally awarded landscape architecture and urban planning studio

EMF uses the living processes of nature and culture as the base for our designs at different spatial and temporal scales.

The studio was founded in 1999 and it has designed and built more than 300 schemes in several landscapes around Europe.  We are 5 dedicated collaborators supported by 1 to 3 interns according to season.

Interns are a fundamental part of our team and creative process. You will act as active designers and researchers in the quests of conceptual and representational processes. As an intern at EMF you will work closely together with us and talented colleagues. We guarantee a dynamic and varying workday in a creative, young and ambitious environment. We guarantee too to take you to construction site and EMF’s build projects.

We are looking for people who, like us, believe in expanding the relations between people and nature, the infrastructural potential of landscape and an alive design

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