EMF designs landscape with a site sensitive and subtle but effective interventionKengo Kuma
EMF is practicing excellent scientific and technical work, but most importantly also proves well manifested paradigm that visiting landscapes must mean a culturally fulfilling experience. In the times when ecosystems are constantly being challenged by the consequences of human activity preservation and restoration of nature are vital for the wellbeing of all species. Marti Franch is aware that promoting subtle change in order to emphasise overwhelming natural forces and features left ‘as they are’ in nature plays a very important role in establishing a bond between the user and the landscape, people and environment.LILA – Landezine International Landscape Award 2016
  22 @, Barcelona
Superfície:  8600 m2
Any:  2007-2010
  Palamós, Girona, Catalunya
Superfície:  2971 m2
Any:  2008-10
  Begur, Girona, Catalunya
Superfície:  4.400 m2
Any:  2006
  Madrid, Espanya
Superfície:  80 ha
Any:  2009

  l'Estartit, Girona, Catalunya
Superfície:  1,3 ha
Any:  2010

  Barri Vilaroja, Girona, Catalunya
Superfície:  947 2
Any:  2009
  Girona, Catalunya
Superfície:  5,4 ha
Any:  2013
  Nova Esquerra de l'Eixample, Barcelona
Superfície:  4500 m2
Any:  2015

  Vicenza, Itàlia
Superfície:  100 ha
Any:  2016
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