EMMA GARDENS IN BARCELONA. Germanetes public space

  Nova Esquerra de l'Eixample, Barcelona

The object of the project is to provide the old site of Les Germanetes with the appropriate conditions of urbanization and equipment for its opening to the neighborhood, as well as to restore the gardens of Emma while improving the connections between the different spaces.

It also consolidates what would be the main axis of an almost consolidated passage between Viladomat and Compte Borrell streets, and strengthens the relationship with another courtyard on the neighboring island, the Jardins de Paula Montal.

Within the proposal there are areas of temporary urbanization and others of permanent, all conditioned to the pace of development of the planning, where the construction of various facilities around the island courtyard is planned.

EMF M. Franch
Ajuntament de Barcelona
4500 m2
S. Romero, A. Quintana, A. Cardellà, G. Batllori, M. Pagès, L. Ciliani
500.000€ - 111 €/m2
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