EMF, not only successfully solving spatial, environmental and physical problems concerning the sites he works on but with very respectful interventions manages to nurture landscape architecture also as a cultural discipline. His landscapes offer educational and experiential richness, often in fragile environments.LILA – Landezine International Landscape Award 2016 

EMF landscape architects is an interdisciplinary research-led practice of independent experts in the field of urban and environmental design exercising internationally. EMF explores hybrid ways between ecological systems & cultural constructs to inform projects and build multifunctional productive landscapes.The ultimate goal of this practice as research is to prefigure respons-able landscapes which have the capacity to change and adapt at several spatial and temporal scales.


At EMF, project-led research is instrumental, transformative and adaptive. It thrives upon opportunistic frames and momentums within the logic of productive practice. It is cumulatively produced by side-walking within and between projects. It is iteratively constructed upon earthy speculations that are constantly challenged and adjusted through reality by project’s implementation.


EMF research pursues heterosis, when cross-breeding the site’s consubstantial ingredients, with the new programs and cultural constructs into new multipurpose artifacts. It reclaims and distils local materiality, landforms and processes. It federates the project with its context at a larger scale.

Focusing on the infrastructural potential of landscape by exploring the instrumental niches for ‘Time-grounded Design’.



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